Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas
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On the season finale of The Bachelor, Matt Grant pops the question to Shayne Lamas. We knew it was coming.

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i am so happy that matt chose shayne, they look so hot together and i hope that they get married soon.


I think we project too much onto these girls. HK is right. The one who really is in the position to know the girls is Matt alone. There was so much that occurred off camera that viewers weren't privy to seeing. It was however obvious that Matt and Shayne had a great connection. That part was apparent in their body language and facial expressions. Shayne is charmingly playful about herself and I think she continually surprised Matt with her depth and openness. I don't think either has any illusions about having a perfect relationship from their recent comments but the fact that they agree on that makes them well suited for each other.


Matt picked the perfect woman. She is sweet and loving, open, affectionate, charming and poised. She was my first choice from the beginning and I was so happy when he picked her! I did not like a thing about Chelsea, thought she had a horse-face, lacked class - she did not even bring a gift to Matt's parents, Shayne was raised with manners and class she came with a bottle of wine. What a sweet delightful woman. I wish them both all the best and wonderful and happy life. To all the haters in the world Shayne is lovely. She kept the peace in the house of hell, I can not imagine being in that situation. Hurray for them both Matt and Shayne forever.... I understand wanting some privacy, but I have grown to care for them and so I hope there are occasional updates. I would love to see them of A Wedding Story, so romantic....


should have picked amanda or chelsea..shayne is so fake..i give it less than a year


When will you show the final rose after last nite's show-hope we see how shayne and matt are doing now.Glad he picked her.