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Mariah Yeater really needs to go away. To jail, preferably. She should be ashamed of her actions regarding Justin Bieber.

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I personally think that you should go to the dumbest mental hospital sorry no offense... Justin Bieber is waiting for the right girl and im pretty sure that he found her (Selena Gomez) and the LAST TIME I CHECKED IT was haha NOT YOU (Mariah Yeater) so STOP blaming Justin Bieber and you don't have to tell a lie to get yourself attention or to get yourself on t.v your baby daddy is Robbie which is your ex bf. Thank God Justin Bieber took the perternity test. JUSTIN BIEBER I LOVE YOU > AND I LITTERALLY PERSONALLY HAVE YOU ON MY WALL.... I TRUST IN YOU


Dear, Mariah Yeater you should be ashamed of spreading a rumor that Justin Bieber is the father of your baby boy Tristyn. he is too mature to even do something like that even though he is with a beautiful woman Selena Gomez. i am just saying what is on my mind I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER and i trust in him. :D :)

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Mariah Yeater is a 20-year old from California who is hated on by Justin Bieber fans. That's because she has filed a paternity suit... More »
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