Maria Belen Chapur Photo
A Maria Belen Chapur photo taken in July 2009. This is Mark Sanford's "soul mate." Or something. She's a grocery shopper apparently.

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Wow, what a dog. There is definitely something the matter with Sanford. Gross!!!!!! She definitely lacks any physical beauty.


GOVERNOR MARK SANFORD. We have known for year's that Mark Sandford is a weirdo...But Reallu Markie there is no signs of physical detail of beautiful that you wrote in your emails.....NO one you are STILL the but of many jokes...SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG WITH YOUR MIND....YOU MUST BE DISPERATE FOR SOME BOOTY DUDE!!!!Sounds like any BOOTY WILL DO YOU.

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Maria Belen Chapur Biography

Maria Belen Chapur Photo
Maria Belen Chapur (also spelled Maria Belen Shapur) is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. She is an Argentine woman... More »
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Maria Belen Chapur