Mall Trip
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez walked about a mall in Philadelphia in mid-August of 2011. They drew a bit of attention there.

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i hope she dump your asss selena damp his ass for me okkkk u selena better off seeing someone who really love u so much justin don't love u in fact he make a girl had a baby for him now he want her mariah yeater to go to jail why don't justin bieber go fuck in else


yes lol i love hem too and selena )= a time wihh justin bieber is a 100 and selena 100 tie i love u gays and u are a good boyfriend i wish i can be selena lol i love u soo musch i am 13 love u 2 guys soo i can love this one and and i am siging this song fome justin bieber how to love!


yes justinselena is a very cut togethere in the world and yes i love them to very cute and a#1bigestfanever


Justin and Selena are the best couple over the world.I love them.

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