Madonna's New Boyfriend
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Jesus Luz is his name. Supposedly. Here they are together.

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Ron you your post was one of the most stupid ignorant things I have read. Women can do exercises to make the muscles tighter. She is obviously in shape and takes care of herself. So I am sure she is just fine.


Wow…now Madonna finally knows what it’s like to be the one getting cheated on. Looks good on her…she’s an old dried up slut!! Madonna’s like the town bike…everyone’s had a ride…LOL!! I can only imagine by now it’s like dropping a toothpick down a mine shaft…if you know what I’m saying!! It’s gotta be pretty loose down there!! Ya…everyone’s had a go at her!! I wonder who she will spread her legs to next? There’s really no one left..LOL. She’s rode them all…nice going Madonna…you’re a trooper!! Soon the only thing that will want to screw her is an old shovel handle!!


MILF on prowl...