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Loredana Jolie is a Playboy model who allegedly had an affair with Tiger Woods. Ho hum. Emphasis on HO.

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Loredana Jolie Naked Pic

Loredana Jolie poses in less than a bikini here. Tiger Woods' mistress isn't lacking for hotness, only morals.

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo Nude

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo is one of Tiger Woods' hotter mistresses. Here she is having gone buck ass nude on us. No complaints.

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i love you


come on, Nearly all men cheat at one point in life. If you don't get caught you continue. I think he got carried away. Johnny don't tell me you have never cheated or even thought about it. You hating the guy 'cause he has too much money. he can never be on Welfare. He is a legend.


You go girls. I am GLAD! Wood is getting what is coming 2 him. They should cut it offff!!
Loredana Jolie should get another $100 million plus all the other girls shoulc sue him for all he got, have him live on welfare and go pick strawberries like they did on the old days.


ur breast is so much big and appealing . so i want to fuck u .now at this point my penis has been stand up .so i have touch my penis to ur putky


You know something,has anyone stopped to think,maybe his wife drove Tiger to do these things.When your young you know how your sexdrive is in full gear and maybe his wife just wasnt full feeling his needs.
But with a woman as hot as Elin is I wouldnt think they would be a problem with the sex.It defentitly wouldnt be a problem with her I if I was in tigers shoes.But no one knows what happens behind closed doors and Tiger is a human being and makes mastakes just like everyone else.If he wonts to be whore then pay his wife and get a devorce go on with his life.Stay single and have a good time and try to redeam himself with golf and his fans.