Lily Allen Wedding Dress
Congratulations, Lily Allen! The British singer got hitched in June of 2011.


Geri, YOU were one nasty looking bride! OH WAIT...... WHO in their RIGHT MIND would marry YOU. Stop trolling around hater! I like Lily Allen and if you don't don't troll around her pictures! That would be really appreciated by most of the Internet.


don't be so horrible Geri You fucking slut! your just a Jelous whore... Get over yourself your probably one of the fattest ugliest bitches to ever live... Go cut your wrist because your so depressed with ya own life u have to put lily down... SCRAG!!


Her dress is UGLY and what's with her hair looks like she just got out of bed. She looks a mess and the groom is one ugly MF. Did she buy that dress in a thrift shop?????????? YUK that is one nasty looking bride.

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Cranham, Gloucestershire, England
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Yes, it's Lily Allen. The British singing sensation and cute. Lily Allen has some cool songs. She is also a tad nuts. But she entertains... More »
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