Likely Not Pregnant
There's really no reason to believe that baby number-two is on the way for Kourtney Kardashian. But that won't stop this tabloid for making the claim.

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First of all its KOURTNEY not Kim and i think they should be together Mason needs a Daddy and scott really changed he might have his days when he is a jerk but still they are better off together


kourt whenever you are ready you will be fine with out him. i never wanted to break up with my childrens' father, but life was going on without me and i could not save the world one alcoholic at a time. when this door closes, it is for sure that another will open for you, if not several. hang in there.


I think Kim can do so much better than Scott because he is just a boy in a mans body. He only acts his age when it suits him. Kim has so much support with a loving family and is financially stable. I left my husband when i was pregnant and had two other children and raised them on my own and i had no money. It wasn't easy but, it can be done. Good luck!!


Kourtney sould worrie bout her and her baby and NOT SCOTT!!She souldnt worrie bout being scared cause she has alot of family that will help her and the show did great without scott in it..

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