Levi Johnston Playgirl Picture
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This is Levi Johnston shirtless. Which is pretty much what it looks like. Fool is gettin' almost nude in a major way for Playgirl.

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Levi Johnston Nude Playgirl Picture

Levi Johnston nude in Playgirl. It's a beautiful sight. Or at least a naked one.

Levi Johnston Playgirl Photo

Levi Johnston poses for Playgirl. He looks pretty good, but do you really wanna pay to see this?

Levi Johnston Playgirl Pic

Levi Johnston has made his Playgirl debut. At least in this teaser pic.

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Levi Johnston in Playgirl
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Well unless he is very well endowed I dont get what all the hype is about.


nothing bad with ur body we want 2 c all part ur body


Oh my God........The pictures I have seen of Levi and in good taste, but they leave you with an appetite for wanting to see
Without a doubt, I will have my own copy of Playgirl so I can
drool and sleep with it every nite.
Yes I am gay, and double yes, Leve is a hot guy. Who wouldn't want to do him? I know I would in a heart beat.
Keep the pictures coming Levi and I hope to see you soon on the big screen.......


I don't see what the big deal is. Why would Playgirl want him to pose, I guess because he is the up and coming thing, but I don't think he has that great of a body, it is just kind of there, no muscles really. anyway, that is my 2 cents worth.