Levi Johnston and Brittani Senser
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Levi Johnston and Brittani Senser at the Teen Choice Awards. Levi is making the media rounds these days. Gotta love it.

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Levi Johnston, Brittani Senser

Levi Johnston can Senser interest. Brittani was to hit it, and you know he'll oblige. We actually don't know that, but couldn't resist the play on words.

Future Mayor

How can you not elect Levi Johnston mayor? Voters of Wasilla, unite!

BP Hater

Everyone hates BP, but Ian Somerhalder is particularly irate at the oil company. If he were a vampire he would eat all the execs like that.

Becks at the TCAs

David Beckham at the Teen Choice Awards. A stud muffin if ever there were one.

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2010 Teen Choice Awards
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