Letterman in Action
David Letterman on the set of his famous talk show. Martin Short and Steve Martin are guests.

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Those are three REALLY funny guys. I love how all their humor is different


It's nice Liberal Letterman feels he can be judge and jury when it comes to Sarah Palin, who he bashed for simply being a Conservative, and slandered her name literally every night and verbally abused her daughter for the last year on national television because Palin had different views than his. Yet, due to the Liberal media, he will of course keep his job, get no punishment, a lot of sympathy, and be a hero for apologizing for breaking one of the ten commandments. This country is so F'd up that it makes me want to live in ...... well.....I can't afford to live in another country because their liberal healthcare system is so F'd up.

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David Letterman hosts our favorite late-night talk show. His top 10 lists are always good for a laugh. In the summer of 2009, he got into... More »
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