Legs Wide Open
Pop quiz: has Tila Tequila ever posed for a photo with her legs closed? The answer is no.

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Kellie m

her 'dress' is molting.


whoever made this website likes it in the ass if you dont think tila is fuckin hot

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Tila Tequila, NSFW
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Tila Tequila Quotes

They are much hotter this time. Before season 1, I didn't know that I would be into the dikish kind of girls. I thought I was only into lipstick lesbians. But the show actually helped me open up and I realized that I do like the butchy girls a lot.

Tila Tequila [on season two contestants]

I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.

Tila Tequila