Leaving Les Deux
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Les Deux is a popular L.A. nightclub. Rihanna hit up that piece and was there until the wee hours. Here she is being escorted to her ride.

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Rihanna Pulled Over!

Gotta get that window tint fixed, guys. It's like black. Oh, and you morons need a license plate too. Idiots, we swear.

Dude, Don't Hurt Us

Rihanna's bodyguard stands in front of her Escalade, which was just pulled over by the cops. Dude, you're ruining the shot. But please, don't kill us.

Rihanna Leaving the Club

Rihanna leaves Les Deux as some ass clown bodyguard pretty much ruins Splash News' photo of her exit. At least you can still see her face. And even some leg. HOT!

Escorted Out the Club

Out OF the club, that is. But we were just trying to sound hip. You know how the cool people just omit words from sentences haphazardly.

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Rihanna at Les Deux
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