Leah Messer Miscarriage
Leah Messer suffered a miscarriage, according to OK! Weekly. Our heart goes out to her.

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what they do is their buisness.Seriously she was a beautiful mom to her children she isnt neglecting them or w/e she would've been a great mom to her third child.Corey didn't seem to wanna help the fact to move outta that unsafe fit of a house where Leah wanted just a better place for the children the bathroom was digusting for crying out loud.if CYS was there the children woulda been taken away specially here in PA.Were strict on that policy.But all Corey cared about was another truck for crying out loud seriously its the truck or the girls!?Leah done more than Corey ever done and yeah shes the mother,but the father should tend to help as well.


im feel sorry for leah like she said she went down the wrong path while she was married but i can also see why she cheated too. im sorry leah had a miscarrgie really am love, brittany


Im freakin glad she had a miscarriage. i know its horrible...but cheating..while married! Getting pregnant....while married to another daddy! That b***h needs a life! I would jack slap her!!!!!!!

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