Lea Michele and Dianna Agron
Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are pictured in this racy GQ photo. Many fans of the show think these stars aren't being appropriate.

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these photos are not that bad they are 24 year old women and can do what they choose their not teenagers they are young beautiful women showing that they are not kids but grown adults there are worse pictures of other people if you don't like the pics don't look at them and don't call these amazing women names just because you do not like their pictures it's rude


im wondering if that book hit her on the head after this pic was shot, hmmmm


wats with all the sluty foto's i thought they wer supposed to b plying teens. well if they were they wouldnt b do this stuff. They are just looking for attention and i think its stupid, pointless and making them look like bloody sluts!


cough*no chest!*cough


i am looking for what hot and what not

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