Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port in Teen Vogue
Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are featured on the cover of Teen Vogue, the magazine where they both work as interns! This is the August, 2007 cover of the magazine.

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Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are so classy, smart, polite, beautiful ! great role model ! They have their clothing line like Whitney Eve and LC Lauren Conrad and in 2011 Paper Crow ! GO GIRLS !!!


wow lauren is so inspiring and what she has done after laguna is not try to get publicity like krustan has she has tried to stay away from that and try to make it in her own world!
she has been so strong after all the firends that have betrayed her and the horrible breakups!
aslo whitney is great too inspiring as well becasue she issoo smart and tatlented and she loves fashion with a passion and many people dont have the passion she has!


I dont even know u, but am so happy for you. I hated the way jason and that other jeerk ( u kno, kristian cavalier ex) treated you. I wanted so badly for you to slap all 3 of them. Kristian was such a jealous hater, but instead, you kept ypur cool. Well kristian, god dont like ugly, so, while you contiue being in those cheap, gossipy mags. LC, will contnue to show her class on the COVER of 2 awesome mags..

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