Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery
It's down to Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery on American Idol. Which do you hope wins season 10?

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Hi! I enjoyed this season and finale the most. The entertainment was wonderful especially, the finale. Congratulations to Scotty. He deserved it. I knew he would be
the winner from the start. Alaina will still have a future ahead
of her. I like that Scotty was so genuin, always himself, has
a wonderful family supporting him and has great faith in God.
That is alot to say about a young person today. I wish him the best of luck and no he will be around for a long time. Go Scotty!


This has been a really good season. With alot of good singers they all are winners to me. But I think this is going to be a close race. I would like to see them both win but since only one can make it tonight I feel Lauren will be the next idol.And thats okay because we havent heard the last of either one of these young and very talented teenagers. Good luck to you both!!!!


Yikes, while I really like the three finalists, including Haily--and now two, Lauren and Scott, I thought that Roberto, Jaimie and the wild-card winner were all better competitors--sorry America, I think you really got it wrong. The earlier female competitors were also more interesting (than the finalists...I like Lauren, and some of what Scottie does, but for the most part--it is a snooze-fest. Lauren has beautiful moments, but is too inexperienced to know when to pull back, and soften things, and when to power up. Dynamics are so important--and neither one shows any natural skill in that area. (I am sure they will grow into it.) I think the other competitors were all more interesting--but America wants what looks wholesome right now. Scott is too fake, so I do not understand that pick? I am guessing Lauren will win--that is a heavy crown for a 15 year old...


i hope that my man scotty win beuase he is a very good singsing for this show on american idol you can do it scotty the Body love Bobbie Jo


i think that lauren has more aptitudes for win the competition , is more versatil, can sing all kind of song and adaptate herself for that , her vocally aptitudes are better, scotty is a very good singer his voice is particular , but he has aptitude for country music , i liked alaina from the first audition, she is younger , sweet, sensitive, gives the best of her best every time , she deserve to make a good carriera , sorry for my english is no my mother tonge, good luck for both of them

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