Lady Gaga Meat Dress
Lady Gaga's meat dress is something else. She is not a piece of meat, though, so don't even think about describing her as such.

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unbelieveably tacky if you ask me, people starving out there and it looks so ugly on her
then again she is ugly.
offense to animal lovers and veggies.
tacky and tasteless!
i HATE Lady GaGa now, use your real name, grow up and stop pretending to be deep.


Someone should remind Lady Gagga that there are people in the world starving!! What a waste of food and life. That is disguisting. Did she decide since it was wrong to wear leather or fur perhaps fresh meat would be acceptable?? She is beyond odd!


Well, that looks gross, and I guess it feels gross. And smell.


In the words of some person...'nuf said! No A-1 or All Spice jokes here.

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2010 MTV Video Music Awards
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