Lady GaGa Crotch Shot
Calm down, guys. She's fully covered up. Nevertheless, kind of a revealing moment for Ms. GaGa.

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That’s it. She’ll get like a bazillion dollars from “Playboy� for a centerfold and it will be the BIGGEST selling magazine for the month in the world to not only disprove the tranny bullshit rumors but also to let me and us see her hotness. I mean, really, her muff has to be better looking than Lindsay Lohans’s right? I hope Gaga does that in time. ….and hell, I hope I shoot it. I’m not even a photographer. …..well, not professionally. (blush)


she can't sing. that's why she wears those outlandish outfits. it's to keep our mind off her voice and on what she wears. people who can sing don't need all of that crap. they let their voices be the attraction.


best of both


I'm willing to bet that all the photos of her with a penis are just photo shopped and she's just saying she's a hermaphydite(sp?) cuz she's crazy like that. And if not, well that sucks, cuz she gives me a boner! dammit


the most covered shes ever been well not really she wore this outfit at a performance before

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