Lady Gaga, Black Hat
Lady Gaga wears a black hat. A stylist one at that.

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Well, I dont know about this one..some of the things she wears, its like wow, ''that looks amazing'' and granted Lady G can sing write and play music, gifted ...yes!...dont hate on me for saying this...but anyone share the curiosity if she is really a she....AND...wait! before you bash my is really none of our business what so wouldnt change my opinion of her either fact I would find her more interesting even still....BUT...AGAIN...TALENTED GIFTED...i just wonder sometimes...that is all iam saying...on the other hand..some of the things s she wears...its like her wardrobe people are playing a joke on her... shock wear...i know but jeese...Lady G doesnt do frumpy very well.


She looks great in that Burberry Prorsum ensamble, straight of the rumway...


lady gaga the best

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