Kyle Loves the Drama
Kyle comforts Brandi after letting Faye drive her away in tears on The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls.

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Ok, Nancy, I went, I saw, my heart is stuffed with emooitn. I relived Oksana's skates remembering how poignant it was and I wept with her as her heart broke without her mother to see her .what a historical skate. She was sublime.Then I looked for Torville and Dean and watched grainy British tv versions of their worlds and Olympic Bolero skates then the 1994 return dancing to Let's Face the Music and Dance. And I remembered why I stopped following ice dancing after they lost for political reasons in the skating world. But that skate in94 I held my breath then and now hoping it would be as good as 10 years prior and it was!! Such an exuberant skate, and in my mind I'm seeing Astaire and Rogers exactly in sync on every level .such beauty and happiness they have given the world. I hope that wherever they are, they are happy, they earned it. And I know Oksana had disasters later, but I hope she has found peace and happiness.What great joy there is in beautiful ice skating, even though the toe is pointed with an inflexible shoe (sorry, but as a former dancer, I would go nuts) yet you skaters can use the speed and glide to do what dancers can never do!! Thank you my friend for reminding me of such happy moments I lived through! And oh my gosh, now with my Ipad I sit here with Youtube taking me anywnere I want to go!!!!Well shouldn't we be turning out the lights here, soon?

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