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Kyla Ebbert was thrown off an airplane because the flight attendant said she was dressed too scantily. He ought to see her in Playboy now!

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Kyla Ebbert Naked

The lovely Kyla Ebbert naked in Playboy. Man, we can almost see why some airline wanted to keep off Kyla Ebbert. Naked or clothed, this blonde just makes you think of... You get the idea. Her breasts are not small.

Kyla Ebbert Nude

Kyla Ebbert nude is a beautiful sight... unless you work for an airline that deemed her too hot to fly. While we understand that a nude Kyla Ebbert could pose a distraction on a flight, it's not like she's in the cockpit or anything. In related, not mature news, we just said "cockpit." Haha.

Kyla Ebbert in Playboy

Here's a Kyla Ebbert picture from her recent Playboy pictorial. This beauty may never need to wait tables again.

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She really isn't all that pretty. Her nose is ugly. And that outfit looks like she has a little beer belly starting. The outfit is more white trash than sexy. Playboy only had her because it was gossip and would sell mags. Would I kick her off the plan? No, i would waste my time on it, i would have ignored it. She looks about as hoochy as other girls these days. My hubby would have laughed at her.


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