Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders has his arms around Kristen Stewart in this Us Weekly exclusive. It's damning evidence.

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In response to "The English Patient" "ALL of you PEOPLE are HYPOCRITES! You ALL enjoyed that stupid movie "The English Patient" about romantic cheating don't you???"
No, I didn't. Thought it was boring and stupid. "Kristen just did the SAME SLUTY thing. If Kristen is a "HO" – WHICH SHE IS, then the woman in that disgusting stupid movie is also a "HO"."
Not true - the actress in that movie was ACTING, in a MOVIE, you know - a fictional story in this case? So how is the actress a ho? Because she took the part? Kristen did this IN REAL LIFE, to REAL PEOPLE. Get a grip and settle down - there is a big difference between Hollywood, fantasy, and reality. This happened in real life, so yes, she's a Ho, as you so elegantly put it.


ps creo que si se equivoco pero (la frase comun) todos somos humanos si todos cometemos errores.
es estupido que digan que ella es una cualquiera porque no lo es todo recae en las mujeres si un hombre casado engania a su mujer la mujer con quien engania es una cualquiera y si una mujer casada engania asu esposo con un hombre ella sigue siendo la cualquiera ( esi todo cae sobre la mujer ) ya paso ella ya se arrepintio ahora le toca a robert perdonar (si es que la quiere la perdonara )(se que es estupido que una persona comente sobre la vida de los famosos pero solo doi mi opinion) (y no soi fan de kristen ni de robert )

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