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Kris Jenner is shopping here in Beverly Hills. By exploiting her family, she can afford anything!


If Kris Jenner could have more children, she would, for the sole purpose of adding to HER empire!
I have never seen a more greedy, materialistic, ostentatious, self-lover, narcasistic and out of touch with reality family such as the Kartrashian/Jenner Klan! These people are the ones that should be taxed up the wazoo! The money they spend on themselves could feed several countries! What a shame all this money goes to people like them and not to the ones that are truly needy!
Everyone stop watching the Kardashian trash on television every week! Let them go out and try to find a REAL working job so they can see how the "REAL PEOPLE" live!
What a waste of good money!

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