Kris Jenner Divorce Story
Are Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner headed for a divorce? Yes, according to this tabloid.

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She's so mean to Bruce im surprised that he stayed as long as he did!! Don't get me wrong im a huge fan of all the girls and Bruce of course but Kris needs to wake up and do what's right for those girls and taking there father away is absolutely the WRONG WAY!!!! I LOVE YOU BRUCE JENNER AND TELL HER WHERE TO STICK IT!!!


I cannot name more than two of Kim's or Chris's boyfriends or husbands. But I can name all 9 Supreme Court Justices. But I just did some quick online research. According to Webster's New World Dictionary, or Wikipedia Britannica a Kardashian is defined as a mount : 1) an extra-terrestrial ally of the Romulens and mortal enemy of Captain Kirk and the Federation. 2. A slightly better than average looking woman, who with the aid of a heavily lipsticked/rouged vampire, or Ryan Seacrest, finds and lures wealthy sports figures into bed with the hopes of becoming impregnated, all the while capturing such activities on video, so as to shame such sports figures into matrimony or otherwise blackmail them. Typically a passive-aggressive woman with poor language skills and no feelings of real empathy. The definition also goes on to describe the use of Kardashian as a verb, such as "Kadashian friend" or Kardashian love. Deceptively fake.


All this divorcing stuff especially Khloe and Lamar is just crazy talk. Enough with the rumors people, its making people wnder and ask alot of questions. !Preguntas. .


What is going on with Kris and Khloe with divorcing for money.Khloe and Lamar were a great couple and i dont know what happened but im going find out. Kris and Bruce were a great couple What's going on in 2012. If you cant work it out with the person then just stop looking for love.

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