Konfirmed Split?
Are Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian headed for a split? Yes... if you believe this tabloid cover.

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I agree with comment posted. Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself and see how you are affecting others. What about the Pastor that married them..how long were the Premarital classes. Um oh' there weren't any; thats right! I really hope they both stop dead in their tracks and really evaluate their life..they can make this work with some give and take. They will regret this moment if they dont fight for their marriage.


Seems like all of these "stars" jump into marriage, after only a few dates, they fall in love and vow to always be there for their partner. Kim has got to stop thinking so much about her self, and be a wife to Kris. He seems like a super guy, but I'm afraid the whole "Kardashian family has their sites only on themselves. I'm think they will crash one of these days will have no one to love them. Grow up Kim and love Kris enough to make a few changes, even though family may not agree.

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