Kim Zolciak Wedding Photo
Kim Zolciak has Tweeted her official wedding portrait. What do you think of her dress?

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I really like Kim now, I'm glad she got her spinoff show. We really got to see more of her and kroy together. He's great with her girls. I love when they show Kim with Kj. alone talking,that
baby is soooooooooo beautiful. I wish the best for them, but Faydra is still the one I love the best!


well let me just start off by saying that dress SUCKS!!!!!she's never really been a great dresser on the show. her baby shower looked more like a wedding reception plus she's always talking about how fabulous and expensive(materialistic actually)things has to be but her hair has always been f*@ked up (haha layered wigs). if you are rolling in the dough how about having her hair-dresser(dj)actually do her damn hair instead of sticking a wig that eventually turns into road kill on her head.


Hate the dress.


OK, my girl got her man! congrats the man,house ,ring and the that rich! lol

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