Kim Kardashian Wedding Pic
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Kim Kardashian got married on 8/20/11. Our thanks to E! News for this photo from the event.

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thereeeeeeeeeeeee marriagee is not gonna last i dont knoww whoo liedd too kimmm


She looks great but they have people to make sure they look great all the time. Nonetheless good luck to them, divorce rates are high but I hope they have a happy life, enjoy their marriage and really make it work.


I think they are soo cuite i love her and she looks soo preety


i love the show too! and i think maybe some things are scripted but who cares! it entertaining! and people who hate are just hating because no one wants to film their lives and make them reality stars!!!


how is the family trash? their just being themselves...


Am so happy for u Kim Kardashian this Ashley Jones from Memphis Tn. I love your show and sister are cool chicks tumb 2 up.


who gives a crap. The whole family's trash!


i really love kim kardashian