Kim Kardashian: The Booty
Seriously, you could land a helicopter on that ample rear end. Then call in reinforcements. Ray J, is that thing real?

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Notice all the women talking smack.
And who wrote the captions? Major jealously going on


best ass ever!!!!!!!! hands down that girl has it going on... kim you got a nice big booty


any fool can see that is a fake ass. she already admitted that she had the surgery. sorry people, but only a sistah has an ass like that and it's proportioned properly on a black woman. lol....


people are just hating on Kims ass. Nobody said j-lo's ass. Its big and beautiful. She cant help it. I have a big one too so hey i know she got haters.


It's truely a sight to behold. I wish that photo was available at the big head poster store. WHOA!!! Kim Kardashian is one of the most physically attractive celebrities in the WORLD!!


Getto ass indeed! OK, I have to admit I like her waist, women don't have real feminine waists these days, like her and Salma Hayek, but the butt thing is juts over the top. Get some aesthetics knowledge, people! That ass is just BIG, not sexy!!! What's wrong with you?!


what a ghetto ass.Who in the world thinks this fat ass is sexy?Kim is the most useless # 1 celeb whore in hollywood


make a grown man cry. please post more "booty" pics

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