Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush: Engaged?
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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are engaged, according to OK! magazine. Well, we would love this story to be true. But this is OK! magazine. Only slightly above In Touch on the celebrity news scale. We're saying they make $h!t up.

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Las Vegas, Nevada


I really dont know what she see in him. He is not cute or good looking. She is so much better looking then him.His eyes are to close and nose to wide.


Hes not all that with his shirt off i dont think shes lucky i think hes lucky kim is beautiful shes a 10 how many women do you see that look like her? she has alot more going for herself then just her A** beautiful body beautiful face bangin curves...the only people that hate on Kim are Gay men and Women that have no curves so they hate on other women that do..stop being so jealous its pathetic Im so tired of people speaking badly about women who actually look like women and not like 11 year old boys with little tits STOP HATING if your so obsessed with big butts go get yours injected like some of you women are doing now she should tell him no go get a skinny b*tch if thats what he wants im sure she looked that way when the first met and her body wasnt a problem then whats wrong with the A** now?


Reggie Bush as fine as he is has low self esteem. That's the only reason I can think of why he would want that SKANK. She's been married before, has a sex tape and showed all her stuff in Playboy. Every man knows what he's workin' with. Just Disgusting.


Huh, wheres the ring, engaged my *** reg aint that whipped, Check out the hand in the picture no ring to show off. He just like the booty. Can't blame him though. I'd hit it too


I do not like this at all.Of course, people like to hate only because he is so damn fine.she is so lucky it's so not funny all I have to say is kim u better not do him wrong. love,tana


They make a really hot couple!!!!!!! people just love to hate!


nice couple.two beautifull people.