Kelly Clarkson: Fat?
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Is Kelly Clarkson putting on weight? Does she just need to start wearing better clothes? Both? You tell us!

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okayy ppl seriously looks do not matter!!!!! kelly clarkson is very talented and thats what matters. she is not a model SHE IS A SINGER!!!!!! ppl need to stop judging it is so irritating and immature!!!!! she is a good role model thats why i look up to her so much. so knock it off with the fat jokes and saying she is ugly!!!!!!!!!! rly how much money are u ppl making cuz she is way more successful then u and a hard worker thats what we need to give ppl credit for. not giving credit for like congrats u weigh 95 lbs rly if someone was tht weight they would get picked on by saying they are like a skeleton as long as ur healthy thats all that matters!!!! seriously ppl ughhhh!!!


I think Kelly Clarkson is Gorgeous! And she is perfect as she is.


Breanna you are a dumb ass.....obesity is a problem...but kelly clarkson is by no means Obese...she has put on some weight, yes, but she is an amazing singer and a GREAT role model and people need to lay off... and saying she is obese and a bad role model is just pure fucking ignorance


Kelly clarkson she is my idol and I love her because of that she is herself and she don't trying to be something that she's not, No matter how she look now our how she'll look I'll always adore her! and one more thing for Jamie
she is not ugly!


Kelly Clarkson needs to take a look in the mirror and realize that she is a role model for young girls. We always hear people complain that skinny girls like Nicole Richie or Mary-Kate Olsen are bad role models...but they are much better than an obese one! Obesity is the #1 health concern in this nation, and Kelly is only encouraging young girls to think that this weight is OK, when it is deadly!


Damn she's ugly!


No one cares how she looks, its the voice that rwally matters... She is a singer, not a model and she is being herself, why should she be thin just because she's famous. Why can't you just leave her alone.