Kelli McCarty Nude
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Okay, sorry. Probably not what you were looking for, but if that's not Kelli McCarty nude in the bathroom in a scene from her new movie, then our eyes are just playing tricks on us, and we do not believe that's the case here people.

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McCarty, Kelli

This hot scene comes courtesy of Kelli McCarty's new movie. This is the part where they fall in love, we assume. And he proceeds to perform unspeakable acts upon her.

Kelli McCarty Naked

There she is. Kelli McCarty naked. All you have to do is buy her crappy movie and this not-super-hot-but-not-bad-looking woman in the buff is yours to keep.

Kelli McCarty in the Act

Kelli McCarty, former Miss USA 1991, with a supporting cast member (heh heh) in her new adult movie, Faithless.

Kelli McCarty Pic

A hot Kelli McCarty pic, though surprisingly clothed. Miss USA 1991 sure is making a name for herself.

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