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Keely Shaye Smith is the wife of Pierce Brosnan. She has a full figure, as you can see here, but she's proud of it and won't reshape her body to satisfy society. We admire that, don't you?

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Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan

Keely Shaye Smith leaves a restaurant with husband Pierce Brosnan. This couple has come under fire on our site for Smith's weight, but we don't think it's an issue at all.

Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Brosnon

Keely Shaye Smith is - for some reason - a controversial figure. Pompous celebrity gossip followers have told the wife of Pierce Brosnon that she needs to lose weight.

Keely Shaye Smith Photo

Always a fan favorite, Keely Shaye Smith poses for the camera with husband Pierce Brosnan.

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A real strong alpha male like me appreciates a meaty woman!
i thought big boobs and broad hips were supposed to be the ideal!
until those skinny ideals hit me at a certain age,when i was being made fun for dating a "fat" girl when i was 16.
she was kinda chubby and had a huge ass,and that was nice,she was far from morbidly obese!
and so is keely shaye smith!she is wonderful!
that's what rubens would paint!
not victoria beckham!


that's how a woman's body should look like.
full figured,busty and hot!
not flat chested,bony and gross!


What an ugly dumb fat skank whore. There is no excuse for being so ugly and fat and stupid. She should either lose weight, or kill herself and rid the world of your massive fat pig body.


why do we need to constantly judge people
she may be overweight and yes, being over weight is as unhealthy as being under weight.....but
if everyone would spend their time thinking about how to make the world a better place for us to live, that would be a better place to put our energy


This is not "full figure", this is called overweight. Being overweight is just as bad as being underweight. She is a bad example to so many unhealthy women in America, just like those skinny models that are a bad example also.


man,what a shag she is,man!what boobs and thighs!what height!she's every man's relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxation!!!!


nope. She needs to dress appropriately for her size. And being bigger does not always equal healthy. I was her size awhile back and I decided to go back to eating healthier and exercising more(not much more) and not only do I look better, I feel better. She can do what she wants, but do not encourage 'big and loving it' because it's dangerous to a woman's health and emotional well being.