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Always a fan favorite, Keely Shaye Smith poses for the camera with husband Pierce Brosnan.

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And if she doesn't want to lose the weight, so what!!!!!!!!!! She's gorgeous and her husband adores her! Who says ultra skinny is beautiful? What matters is your health: cholesterol level, sugar levels, heart, etc. There are plenty of women who are not bone thin that are perfectly healthy. It's about time we stopped all the stupidity surrounding body types.


First off, I think she looks great in all her pictures...sincere and likeable and simply beautiful.
Other than that, it's so none of our business! She knows what she looks like, as does her husband. If she's okay with it, then nothing people need to shut up about it. I guarantee she already knows she's "overweight" (which in itself is not a good or bad thing, even healthwise it depends on the person and how can't just go by a clinical chart that many will say doesn't take into account many necessary factors and you definitely can't go by public opinion). Either she's okay with it and all the judgements will bounce off, or she isn't okay with it and the last thing she needs is strangers telling her something she already knows.
So, I hope she stays happy and healthy and confident and sincere. That will keep her beautiful, no matter her weight.


She's gorgeous --- thinner or thicker, so what's the big deal? She gained some baby weight... OMG call the president! She's got that rare look of sincerity in her eyes, and that kind of woman is very hard to find. You fall for the soul of the other person, not the body. Beauty fades for us all. The point is that love is not skin deep people-- and life (including relationships) go through stages. Besides, I think she carries the extra weight very nicely. She has confidence and Brosnan has a great catch I think.

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Keely Shaye Smith Photo
Keely Shaye Smith is the wife of Pierce Brosnan. That's her with her famous husband in the attached photograph. Smith has received... More »
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