Keely Shaye Smith, Husband
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Give Keely Shaye Smith a break! How dare readers actually tell the wife of Pierce Brosnan that she is setting a bad example?

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You gotta lay off them wings, gurl!


I am not a small woman myself and I can tell you losing weight is alot harder than you think.To all those perfectly skinny folks who like to judge others be careful it might come back to bite you in the rear someday. AS far as everything elses goes Pierce Brosnan seems to be a faithfull loving husband who adores his family. And like I said things have a way of coming out sometimes when least expected.


It`s sad to be judged by your weight, but I think if you have a husband like Pierce Brosnan, whom I would love to have even just as a friend, you must be worried to hell about your weight., and of course if you are a public person, people is going to see EVERYTHING about you, so, of course, even if you don`t like it, you are an example to everyone...on the other hand, he must love her a lot, or if he is like most men that I know, he`s already with a mistress aside...xoxo


and patty you say that because???


she doesnt need to lose weight she needs to stop being a bitch everyone fucking hates her because of her attitude. shes a mean spirited coniving bitch


And she needs to lose weight...Why?, and for whom?
She is beautiful, and She and Pierce make a Handsome couple.


Jude rhymes with rude. The woman has health issues and it really is none of your business besides. Live your own life and get some manners.


What is the matter with this woman. Doesn't she know how unhealthy it is to be that fat. She used to be so beautiful. You can still see traces of that behind all the fat. Someone should save her from herself. Where is Jenny or Weight Watchers or some doctors!!??