Katy Perry Nude
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A photo of Katy Perry nude has surfaced online in January 2009. Do you think it's real or fake? Either way, it's supposed to be artistic and this lovely lady has some bootylicious curves. Damn, girl.

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i'm 13 fucked 10 diff girls 1 reminds me of katy and thats not it


haha Katy's way hotter and her bathroom is way cooler!


She's still really hot..


PEOPLE. this is most definitely NOOOOOOOT Katy Perry.
you can obviously tell that it's not and she looks different from this person.
and her boobs are bigger.
AND she has a tattoo on her wrist and upper arm.


Im sure Katy Perry's MANSION does not have such a shitty bathroom..
Just saying.. plus who evers body that is has more fat that Katy


If that is Katy, that is way before she was famous. I can't see a multi millionaire pop star using a bathroom like that. That door just screems cheap apartment crap, if you see the full photo, you'll see the dirty vent above the shower, definitely not a new photo if it is Katy.


this girl is someone named shira. it's 100% someone else


It's not katy perry. Katy perry got tattoo on her left wrist!


there is no doubt she is Katy Perry.


That's not Katy Perry