Katy Perry Esquire Cover
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Katy Perry looks tremendous on the cover of Esquire. To the surprise of no one at THG.

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Vampish Katy

Katy Perry cannot carry a tune to save her life, but when you look like this, you can pretty much make a singing career work any time.

Katy Perry Topless Picture

Another fine picture of Katy Perry topless. What a fine piece of woman she is.

Hot Hot Katy

Katy Perry is hot stuff. Of this there is little doubt. Look at the photo, though, for additional evidence.

Katy Perry Topless

This is a picture of Katy Perry topless. Esquire brings us the magic this time. Awesome work.

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Katy Perry in Esquire
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I didn't expect cute Katy perry goes wild like this,what Hollywood does to these beautiful young girls,why they have to make naked picture of themselves covering magazines?Aren't they popular enough?whats the point of taking these picture?i just dont understand.i wish this young lady doesn't go wild and crazy like many others in Hollywood.

@ mehrdad

gay detected