Katie Price Album Cover
This is Katie Price's album cover for Free to Love Again. Yes. Katie Price has an album. It's as terrible as you think.

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pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop this silly work you keep having done . you are going to end up like micheal jackson.your lips look rediculouse.and you look a mess. stop it now while you are still not too bad.i am not speaking as an enemy ,i just love you and want the best for you.xx


OMG thats bloody terrible! its so repetitive... so bad,. infact bad doesnt even cover it!


Great Song, fun loving and carefree well done Katie i am sure it will be number one next week, as all of her fans will be buying the record.

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Katie Price is British model who is also known as "Jordan." We don't know why anyone calls Katie Price this, but we do know a few things... More »
Brighton, East Sussex, England
Full Name
Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Price