Kate Middleton Topless Pics
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A couple of pics of Kate Middleton topless on holiday. Closer magazine broke the scandalous story and pictures in September 2012.

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The British Royals are aware of satellites, telephoto lens, infrared, etc.;they are photographed because they want to be. What do you expect from a nation of drunkards.


British taxpayers money being put to good use. It takes a lot of money to maintain the royal family in England. Fair game I say. Anyhoo, what is it with Caucasian women who want to go nude sunbathing? What does it symbolize: freedom? look I am different from you to all other women & men who see them? My boobies are bigger & prettier than yours?


Is there no end to what these photopraphers will do for a picture.
I think it is terrible and totally unreasonable to take such personal pictures cause you have equipment that will reach anywhere. The limelight does not enclude personal, intimite times between two people. These wonderful couple deserves privicy and tasteful picturesand treatment. Is nothing above these photographers? I guess not, they should be ashamed. Prince Williams knoows what the press is capable of but Kate is a new comer. Lay off of them,take respectful pictures and let them have their privacy.


the couple are too naive. they should know too well that the whole world knows they are on holiday and that they never never do such a thing in the open.Even if they r in their own bedroom, they have to make sure there
should be no holes from the outside world Or they will sorry for ever.Because constantly a camera is waiting .So please only do such things in your very own room, with curtains fully drawn!!


Remember, the French Paparatsi will stop at nothing. Their past history has shown that. BUT! surely Kate must have known the scoundrals will get at her and Will's one day (again). She had better cover-up in the meentime.