Kate Middleton Pregnant Claim
Kate Middleton is officially pregnant! Claims this absurd tabloid story, at least.

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Mike this was taken on a private housing for royalty in France. Someone climbed into the property with a telescopic camera lens and took the photos which is also reason behind the picture being of such bad quality. It was taken from quite the distance on the property itself. So yeah massie invasion of privacy. Stop using Yahoo as a news source perhaps?


The royals enjoy fame,wealth and power. They are no different then us,they are no better then us. They should expect and have their privacy though. That said,they should protect themselves from what happened to kate. I believe that she should have had more decency to not be topless in what i call public. from what i have read most legal professionals are saying that if the pics are taken from the road and not on public property,its perfectly legal,and i say all is fine,if their embarased,shame on kate. I dont follow royalty,simply because from what i read is that England has alot of poor and suffering people and most dont appreciate the royalty living the way they do,while people suffer,and i agree. Now, my comment on the pics,i have seen them online,from the way she dresses and look i thought she would look much better. Kate is skinny,looks frail like and doesnt look good topless,not much to look at. thanks for the opportunity to post

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