Kate Middleton in Alice Temperley
Kate Middleton and Prince William at the premiere of War Horse. The Duchess wore Alice Temperley. And looked fabulous!

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I agree to an extent, I think it is a crime that with the power she now has she has done nothing useful for the country or any charity of real worth. Just think of how may jobs she could have created by forming some kind of youth charity recruitment centre or training cetre. Instead her chosen charities show an elitism and out of "touchness" beyond belief. Come on Kate do something for the unemployed 18-25 year old youth of this country... they are going to keep you as Queen in the future...


I remember wearing a dress like the one Kate is wearing to a funeral house! Oh wait, that wasn't me, that was my grandmother!!! She is boring looking free loader; so is her husband and I hate both! Useless spoiled people!

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