Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photo
Look at that Kate Middleton baby bump. This controversial photo will not sit well with the royals, but wow, she's cute.

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Really Kids, GROW UP and start acting like true adults and parents. Stop this arguing about vacations! William get off your HIGH HORSE and go to Kate's family home! Gee ........ all this over nothing? Maybe, you married too young, you really don't show much maturity in the squabbles you are having over little things in life! Big smiles, big charities, etc. will not make a marriage
Sure I can give you advice because if the good LORD is willing my wife and I will have been married for 53 years this July 21, 2015.
Marriage is a TWO WAY street and you had better get use to it ..... it's give and take!
Come on, you have SO MUCH of life in front of you! Don't spoilt everything when youo are just getting out of the starting gate ............ the track of life is in front of you!
Good Luck and, most of all, let Jesus Christ lead your lives, you will never stumble where He won't be right there for you!

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Kate Middleton Biography

Royally Pretty Girl
A celebrity gossip mainstay since at least 2006, Kate Middleton is Prince William's lady friend. These two dated off and on for many... More »
Reading, England
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Kate Middleton