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Kate Middleton's got a great body. Here she is from the backside.

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...and shame on the WOMAN who took these photos and sold them. She has no morals, scruples, nor conscious. She lives for the $$$$$$$$ Karma is a b!+ch and so is she!


Ask yourself this....would it be ok for a hidden person with a camera to spy on, take pictures of AND print them all over the world of you, your wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or aunt? NO!
She was on a PRIVATE beach. Someone alerted the paparazzi to where they were staying. Kate & William were basically being stalked & I'd press charges for that as well. While this is an embarrassing situation for Kate, she will rise above it because she has more class in her baby toe than in the combined total bodies of the paparazzi.


Riley Powell- it's really not in public, though, is it? they were on a private beach. if they have the money, good for them. but you know what comes with a private beach? PRIVACY. she does have a right to privacy, if that's what they paid for. it just so happens that she's a royal, so the photos are seen as some sort of scandal. she wasn't making a statement that she was special by taking her top off- god knows anyone can do that- it's the press going nuts over it that has. i feel sorry for the woman, noone deserves to be humiliated like that.


WHY do these so called royals keep trying to put on the dog and pretend that they are somehow "special" people?? They are totally NOT SPECIAL! They are ordinary people and should not receive any special consideration. Kate was displaying her wares to public view and has no right to expect privacy.

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A celebrity gossip mainstay since at least 2006, Kate Middleton is Prince William's lady friend. These two dated off and on for many... More »
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