Kate Major, Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin's recent New York City date is Kate Major, senior reporter for Star magazine. You gotta love this man about down and his list of unattractive girlfriends.

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Jon i thought you were a good man but now i think you are such a liar you said you did not cheat on kate but now that i see you with all these girls i think you are gulity and these girls are not pretty i think kate is prettier and kate i hope you will find someone better than jon and you are doing a good job with the kids. God Bless


Jon - go back to Kate... get some counseling... I know she treats you like crap sometimes...... she treats your kids better... but go back please for your children... or they'll be messed up for the rest of their lives... have your fun for a few months and go back with your tail between your legs.. ask for forgiveness and get some counseling... and ask Kate G. to be good to you for the kids' sake... but you both need counseling... 8 kids is a lot to handle... but grow up and do the "til death to us part" thing.. and remember why you two got married in the first place... It was love and mutual respect... and oh yea... take the show off the air... have once or twice a year specials.. but start leading a more normal for the sake of those sacred adorable children of yours and Kate's... Thanks God Bless!


why did you leave your xwife that is so jacked up you is such a ho you ugly nasty ho talking about.you and ex wife was so good together on jon and kate plus 8. know you barely see your kids. you shouldnt have never done that☻


jon why did you do that you have so many kids and now you went to do this.What about your kids and everyone of them miss you. You and kate gosselin could have worked it out but now i have no idea what you did i am very mad with you.


this pic hot...

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