Karrueche Tran Picture
Karrueche Tran is dating Chris Brown for some reason. Here's a nice pic of her.

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wat the fuck wat is that gal she's sooooo cute

@ lil mic brezzy

sorry she not cute at all ya now rihanna is x20000000000000000 hotter nd sexier then this bitch this should hve been riri oh nd breezy made the wrong choicethis tym i dnt lyk dis girl


OMG she is too pretty to be the backseat to another relationship. Agh it pisses me off when young pretty girls or even ugly girls... Girls period so this, it makes it hard when they have girls looking up to them and when these types of situations carry on into real life making it seem okay for girls everywhere to be the second in a relationship. Shes a model a role model she needs to act like it. She pretty but she aint no Tyra Banks!! now that's a woman who stands firm and is a great role model!

@ angela

angie baby i dnt think ya knw wat pretty nd ugly mean i mean that bitch is wack

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