Karissa Shannon Rear View
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This is a nice rear view angle of Karissa Shannon. Not like the kind of rear view Sam Jones III had when he was getting all freaky-eaky-EAKY up in there, but similar. Only not really.

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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Pic

This is Karissa Shannon. It's a photo from her sex tape. Sadly there is no sex going on here, unless Sam Jones III can hold his breath a really long ass motherf*%kin' time.

Karissa Sex Tape Pic

A nice promotional photo from the Karissa Shannon sex tape. Looks like she is into some kinky stuff.

Whips n' Things

Karissa Shannon is into whips and things. Sam Jones III is into pain. MAKE THE G*D DAMN CONNECTION, SEX TAPE WATCHERS!

Karissa Shannon Nude

Sorry, this is as close to Karissa Shannon nude as we're gonna give you. This is a family celebrity gossip site. Pervs.

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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape
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