Karissa Sex Tape Pic
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A nice promotional photo from the Karissa Shannon sex tape. Looks like she is into some kinky stuff.

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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Pic

This is Karissa Shannon. It's a photo from her sex tape. Sadly there is no sex going on here, unless Sam Jones III can hold his breath a really long ass motherf*%kin' time.

Karissa Shannon Rear View

This is a nice rear view angle of Karissa Shannon. Not like the kind of rear view Sam Jones III had when he was getting all freaky-eaky-EAKY up in there, but similar. Only not really.

Whips n' Things

Karissa Shannon is into whips and things. Sam Jones III is into pain. MAKE THE G*D DAMN CONNECTION, SEX TAPE WATCHERS!

Karissa Shannon Nude

Sorry, this is as close to Karissa Shannon nude as we're gonna give you. This is a family celebrity gossip site. Pervs.

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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape
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