Karissa and Kristina Shannon Nude
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Here's a tease of what Hugh Hefner sees every night: Kristina and Karissa Shannon nude. The 19-year old twins are the latest in Hef's long line of Playboy models turned girlfriends.

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Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon Photo

Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon are pictured here. Which is which? Seriously, folks, does it matter?

A Shannon Twins Pic

Kristina and Karissa Shannon turn 21. What a couple of stunners ... not.

Shannon Twins Birthday Photo

Karissa and Kristina Shannon celebrate their 21st birthdays. We have no clue which is which either.

Shannon Twins Make Out!

They're sisters! That makes this kind of gross, but we dig!

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Ok. Heff goes home to these dolls every night. But I think his age is catching up with him. If memory serves, he was doing the Dahm triplets some time ago wasn't he? Now he's down to twins. Getting old sucks.


karissa was a playmate - sure she has plenty of sextapes - with plenty of her bfs - this one is great though - toys and stuff - well u know))
watched it at bit.ly/bQvdvN


i love the twins pic they r hot and sexy...i also love nice tits and ass that they realy have on them....would someone email me a pic of the both of them topless please...i would love to have a pic of there beautiful bodys and sweet tits..


They radiate stupid and have the boobs of a 10 ten year old.


calm down mhoddy. Theres nothing going on here that hef has not seen or done thousands of times before.


incest is twincest is wincest


I really can't believe that an 80 something year old man is sleeping with 19 yr old GIRLS!!! That is on the verge of molestation, and are the twins doing each other? incest!!