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This is Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 fame. She is said to be a lesbian. We're not sure if we believe Star Magazine on that one.

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Chloe is so slow you can can tell she has been sheltered most of her life. She just does not understand that she had sex and had a baby; there is no love there, just lust. Adam will always return to her as long as she sleeps with him; she needs to make it purely platonic as they co-parent their child. Adam does not like her, she is so dumb that she can't see that when he looks at her he's repulsed by her. They say love is blind and Chloe is so very, very blind as to her potential as a single mother with a child; the opportunities are looming but if she fails to see them she will fall back into Adam's verbal and emotional abuse against her and her daughter, remember when he called Aubrie a bastard? That would have been it for me I would have got rid of him right then and there.

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