Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Text #1
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One of five text message screen caps allegedly sent from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez. It's pretty interesting if true.

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Justin u need help u were such a gd kid n now money has u hell over water wht bout ur movie believe n wht u try to influence kids like maybe u should watch it n try to find him again n practice wht u preach my daughter is ur biggest fan n her room is a justin bieber outlet n now she's even willing to give up on u n she's 12 n I'm telling her too tht ur nothing but a bad influence on kids out there n tht they should not follow in ur footsteps I'm being honest when I say u need rehab n retire so u can hv a life n do a big come bk when u hv realized wht u hv done n r willing to change n believe as ur movie states


Justin I love u but she's right u need to stop whith the drugs and drag racing gust lisin to me please


Im crying get back together justin is still a kidd hes in good track give him a chancee plezz


This seems all BS. What a load of droppings. Lies, more lies, and dayum lies!